Book Obsession & My Love to Decorate with Books!

Don't underestimate the power of BEAUTIFUL books!  I love to use books to reinforce a theme, or pull a color scheme together once I'm at the styling stage in the decorating process.  Have you noticed how many of my shots have books in them?  Whether they are used as a huge stack, thereby becoming a prominent feature in accessorizing a space, or a subtle backdrop to the overall design, they are a great way to give a room that "finished" look which a beautifully decorated room so deserves.  So the next time you are out and about, and come across books on display, think again before you walk on by and look for a different accent for your home, or for that perfect gift.  Big books, small books, hardcover, or softcover books, they all are inspiring and are sure to leave an impression. Plus, they're entertaining, and hopefully a fun read too!

Tip: And don't dismiss a cover because it's the wrong color for your room. Be sure to peek beneath the sleeve, as you might discover the color is totally different. You might just have found yourself the perfect book for your coffee table or bookshelf!