To my dear clients,

It’s been an absolute privilege being of service to all of you, creating unforgettable spaces while building memories and enjoying many laughs. Together, we forged unparalleled friendships.  It has been an honor to transform your homes, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for entrusting me with your homes, making me feel like part of the family, and for giving me much to be proud of throughout the years!

As many of you already know, after relocating to the Washington DC Metro area in 2018, my interior design business was temporarily on hold. In early April, I decided that the time had come to seek out a new outlet for my creative self.

I am excited and proud to announce the launch of Dalia Canora Art!

On the 6th of June, 2019, my first art collection will be on full display at a wonderful venue and glamorous event hosted by Mayhood at where guests will be able to tour stunning high-end residential homes, enjoy drinks, hors d'oeuvres and live music. It is bound to be a prestigious evening to exhibit the Full Circle Collection.


Dalia Canora


Here’s a prelude to my art…

Artist Biography:

With an eye for texture and color, Dalia Canora began a career in residential interior design in Fairfield County, CT. Dalia always displayed a passion for art, even at a young age. And although her initial focus was on getting an MBA, her passion for art and design was always there. She finally pursued that very passion and studied interior design at a later age. In 2008, she opened her own company, Dalia Canora Design, where she practiced residential design for over a decade. In addition, Dalia was known in Darien, CT for having built many single-family homes.

She currently resides in Washington DC, after having moved away 25 years ago. Dalia brings that trained eye of an interior designer to her art; it is an extension of her artistic style. It is worth noting that she painted for pleasure throughout the years, and shared her work with friends, family, and clients. Her original works compliment modern and crisp interiors and can help brighten and freshen any space. And although Dalia has retired from the world of interior design, she has found peace within by continuing to pursue her constant passion for art.

Artist Statement:

My art is meant to elicit a feeling, always aiming to bring calm to a hectic world. The creative process is an instinctive journey guided by where I have been and where I aim to be. I have learned that happy moments are fleeting, but it’s those very same moments that we must hold onto to experience lasting inner peace. I draw my inspiration from subtle colors found in nature and embrace simplicity in its purest forms. My work seeks to leave a lasting impression, begging its audience to stop and take in all of life’s beauty. I strive to evoke that sense of connection between the viewer and the artwork. The muted and peaceful color palette seeks to embody those feelings of serenity, and my compositions rely on a calming sense of balance. The aim is to deliver a very powerful message throughout my work without distracting from that feeling of harmony. In addition to relying on color to represent my mood, I rely on combining ethereal water, whispering brush strokes, pronounced knife work on stiff molding paste to represent life’s tranquility overcoming life’s deep challenges.